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The Zubair EDC participates in the Gulf Business Incubators and Accelerators Conference in the Bahraini capital, Manama

Date: January 31, 2023

For the fifth time in a row, The Zubair Enterprise Development Center participates in the Gulf Business Incubators and Accelerators Conference in the Bahraini capital, Manama. The conference was held under the patronage of HE Abdullah bin Adel Fakhro, Bahrain’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with the Bahrain’s Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, and with the participation of entrepreneurs from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

ZEDC was represented by Mr. Ali Shaker, Head of the Institutions Development and Partnerships Sector, and entrepreneur Dr. Salah bin Saeed Al-Mahthuri, CEO of “Brandz+” company, and a member of the Zubair Center for Enterprise Development.

Commenting on the conference, Ali Shaker said: “I would like to thank Bahrain Development for Small and Medium Enterprises Society and particularly its chairman, HE Deputy Ahmed Al-Salloum, for inviting us to participate in the latest edition of this innovative conference. The event itself is an important learning opportunity as we share common experiences and challenges to develop a better entrepreneurial environment in the region. It remains a unique space for incubators, business accelerators and SMEs entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and improve the whole environment itself.”

ZEDC was proud to contribute to the conference by participating in the first panel discussion on the importance of empowering entrepreneurs to choose viable sectors and ensure sustainable growth for their projects. During his speech, Mr. Ali Shaker touched upon the lessons learned by the Zubair Center for Enterprise Development in the last ten years since its establishment in 2013. He described the center’s own work with some of the participants of the Gulf Business Incubators and Accelerators Conference, and gave some general insights on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Sultanate of Oman. Finally, he also gave some innovative ideas to improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Gulf and underlined the benefit of standardized legislation across the GCC. His speech stressed the importance of listening to entrepreneurs’ needs to ensure that each state can create an entrepreneurial environment which is conducive to growth and innovation.

Attending the conference, entrepreneur Dr. Salah bin Said Al-Mahtouri, CEO of “Brandz +” company, stated:” We are proud to participate in the 5th Gulf Business Incubators and Accelerators Conference to receive first-hand experience from participating entrepreneurs representing various Gulf countries. As we presented Brandz+’s own achievements and challenges, we received valuable feedback and new ideas to develop our business further. I would like to thank the Zubair Center for Enterprise Development for providing us with this unique opportunity which contributes to improving our business model and strategy.” Brandz+” is an integrated digital platform enabling entrepreneurs and businesses to monitor their brand performance from their smartphones anytime and anywhere in the world. Furthermore, a new phase of development and modernization was introduced to its software following the launch of the beta version of its program and achievement of the desired goals in relation to proliferation and visualization aiming at expanding the services and products to be added in the expected version through its entry with strategic international partners.   

The Zubair Enterprise Development Center (Zubair EDC) was created based on The Zubair Corporation’s social responsibility strategy. The strategy reflects on the Corporation’s commitment towards small enterprises as they participate in the economic development and dynamism of the Sultanate. The Zubair EDC is a professional body that capitalizes on its high professionalism, diversified knowledge, wide range of accumulated expertise, and its own global and local network of strategic partners.