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Tajribati initiative

With the ever increasing number of entrepreneurs who are joining the Centre, Zubair EDC has become a great platform for communication and collaboration, giving every member the opportunity to meet, discuss, learn from others’ experiences, and grow in business. In this regard, the Centre launched ‘Tajribati’ initiative in 2015 which allows SMEs, members and non-members alike, to attend a monthly general discussion session, attended by entrepreneurs and people of expertise from various public and private organisations. The initiative allows entrepreneurs to discover various opportunities to develop their business and learn best practices that help improve management practices. ‘Tajribati’ – the Arabic word for “My Experience” – is an on-going initiative that provides a podium for young entrepreneurs to share their experiences, stories and insight in a friendly transparent atmosphere moderated by the team of advisors at Zubair EDC.

If you would like to learn more about Tajribati, feel free to contact us. Upcoming sessions are highlighted in our Events section.