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The Zubair Enterprises Development Centre (Zubair EDC) discusses social intelligence and its importance for entrepreneurs during the ‘Tajribati’ Forum.

Date: February 6, 2023

The Zubair Enterprises Development Centre (Zubair EDC) organized the ‘Tajribati’ Forum in Bait Al Zubair to discuss the concept of social intelligence and its importance to entrepreneurs’ businesses. The Center hosted Dr. Ahmad AL Shaibibi, the owner of “Zulfa center for family services” who discussed with entrepreneurs the role that social intelligence can have in enhancing the success and growth of their businesses.

During the forum, entrepreneurs were introduced to the concept of social intelligence looking at its main benefits and the way it can be applied to an organization. All participants were able to understand the importance of a socially intelligent approach to business and how it can be used during conflict management for instance. The onus was put on the benefit of social intelligence: the ability of forming meaningful social relationships in the business world, enabling businesses to create more dialogue with their stakeholders. 

Said Bin Salim Al Sahib, Director of The Zubair Enterprise Development, commended the importance of the ‘Tajribati’ Forum as a space where entrepreneurs can learn thanks to a variety of interesting discussions. He reiterated the vision of the Center to provide entrepreneurs with challenging and insightful talks from top level experts and speakers, helping them grow their businesses to the next level. 

“Social intelligence and its importance for entrepreneurs” is considered a worthy subject as entrepreneurs need to be in tune with all the socio-economic development at a local, regional and international levels. Social intelligence in a business enables all entrepreneurs to be more responsive and sensitive to these developments and adapt their business models accordingly. Besides, it is also an important tool for conflict management and self-reconciliation. I hope attendees benefited from this forum and developed their skills as entrepreneurs.” He added

Dr. Ahmad AL Shaibibi also commented on the importance of social intelligence: “Social intelligence is considered one of the most important strategies for success in life, both personally and professionally. Having a good level of social intelligence and mastering its mechanisms will help any entrepreneur deal with the many individuals and institutions they may encounter on their professional journey.  This will reflect positively on both the entrepreneur and his business by enhancing his chances to build a solid social network that contributes to increasing his visibility in his sector.”

“I would like to thank The Zubair EDC for inviting the “Zulfa center for family services” to participate in this valuable forum as well as its pivotal role in supporting entrepreneurs to advance their careers through such distinctive training events and activities.” He added. The Zubair Enterprises Development Centre (Zubair EDC)’s “Tajribati” Forum is a networking space for entrepreneurs with small and medium companies to discuss relevant topics for their professional development. It enables all entrepreneurs to exchange on the difficulties and challenges associated with their entrepreneurial life and how to best overcome them.  By hosting specialists from both the public and private sectors, it also explores the opportunities available in various industry sectors. Since its establishment, the Centre has sought to provide a suitable environment for the growth of entrepreneurship by providing a package of procedures and opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop their businesses, either through initiatives established by the Centre or participation in seminars and mutual visits with a number of the Centre’s partners within and outside the Sultanate of Oman.