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Other benefits

In addition to its programmes and initiatives, Zubair EDC offers further services to its members including:

  • Training/Building Capacity: We offer a wide range of training courses and workshops focused to assist entrepreneurs in gaining practical knowledge that they can adapt into their businesses once they leave the workshop.

  • Networking: With our growing number of members, the Centre becomes a solid hub for entrepreneurs to meet and discuss their ventures with one another; learning from one another, and exploring various opportunities for cooperation to benefit their business ventures.

  • Funding: The Centre provides its members with financial plans and facilitation through a number of its local financial strategic partners. Additionally, as part of its endeavour to elevate competitiveness among its members, Zubair EDC selects excelling members every year to join its Direct Support Programme and gain additional specialised services as well as special financial grants.

For more information on any of our programmes, events or services, please contact us.