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Direct support programme

Zubair EDC’s Direct Support Programme rewards members who prove throughout their work with the Centre their commitment towards success and dedication in applying the consultancy and advice provided to them by the Zubair EDC team. These members’ projects and businesses should also reflect proper strategic planning and accurate feasibility studies that reflect their owners’ eagerness to apply best business administration measures with the assistance of Zubair EDC.

Accordingly, selected members for the Direct Support Programme receive additional direct advisory and consultancy services as well as a financial grant to support their businesses. Although all members of Zubair EDC benefit from advisory and training services, financial facilitation, and support that the Centre and its network of cooperative partners provide, only a specific number of members get selected every year for the Direct Support Programme, as an approach to create positive competitiveness amongst members and to encourage them to work harder and be more committed and dedicated towards achieving their objectives and ambitions.

What are the criteria we look at to select the winners of the Programme?

  • Personality

  • Business Plan

  • Product/Service Specifications

  • Targeted Market Specifications

  • Financial Considerations

  • Innovation

  • Venture team

  • Social Impact/Social Enterprise

Who can apply to the programme?

  • All Omanis are welcome to apply provided they are above the age of 18

  • Applicants should have a clear understanding of the type of business they have

  • Applicants need to present a business plan

  • Applicants need to be members at Zubair EDC; none-members are welcome to sign up at the Centre, or online (click here) then apply for the Direct Support Programme during the application period.

To apply to the Direct Support Programme, simply fill in the application form and send it by email to (A business plan or business brief is required; you can use this template (click here) to guide you in how to prepare one). Once received, our team will call you to discuss your application and arrange for a meeting in our offices.

For more information, call us on 24737325 or 92838012