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Zubair EDC hosts ‘Tajribati’ Session to Discuss SME Development

Date: October 4, 2022

The Zubair Enterprises Development Centre (Zubair EDC) recently hosted a new edition of its ‘Tajribati’ session at Bait Al Zubair. The event aimed to shed light on ways to invest available resources to foster further enterprise development. Ishaq Hilal al Shariyani, CEO of the Eghna Academy for Economic Consulting and Training, was the guest speaker at the event, which several entrepreneurs attended.

A number of topics were discussed during the session, which was moderated by Ali Shaker, Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Zubair EDC. These included a detailed overview of the products and services offered by Zubair EDC, together with advice on how to invest resources into the technical, marketing, administrative, financial, and legal aspects of a business, as well as on how to invest into social resources to boost consumer confidence.

The ‘Tajribati’ session highlights topics that contribute to the growth and development of an entrepreneur’s business. To achieve this, the forum examines several successful project management outcomes and models to provide SME owners with helpful knowledge and information for the optimal management of their enterprises and commercial projects.

Ali Shaker said, “We are grateful for Ishaq Al Shariyani’s participation in the Tajrubati session. His experience and expertise have been invaluable in helping us achieve our goals for this session, which shed light on the most effective ways to manage available resources within a business. Several other entrepreneurs also shared their experiences developing their businesses and using available resources to maximise profits. The challenges they faced and the most effective ways to overcome them were also discussed. This new edition of ‘Tajribati’ from Zubair EDC also came with a revamped look, designed to complement the centre’s recent rebranding.”

Ishaq Al Shariyani said, “I would like to thank the management of Zubair EDC for hosting the Tajribati session. The forum provides an ideal platform for knowledge transfer between veteran businessmen, academics, industry experts, and budding entrepreneurs just starting in business. Many of these industry veterans have likely faced challenges in the past that these budding entrepreneurs are facing now. This forum provides them with an invaluable opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience these industry veterans offer and discover solutions to the issues they are experiencing.

“As any business owner will tell you, regardless of the type of business or project you’re working on, each has its priorities and requirements. Entrepreneurs need to allocate their limited resources to maximise their chances of success. Business is a science in and of itself, and its laws are constantly changing. As digital platforms have made the world accessible to you, today’s market is no longer confined to one location. Thus, managing projects without the knowledge and expertise necessary to take advantage of this level of market reach is no longer possible. Hence, workshops like these, which allow budding entrepreneurs to learn from the experiences of more experienced industry veterans, are even more important.”

Tajribati is a session from Zubair EDC that focuses on topics that contribute to the growth and development of an entrepreneur’s business. It also touches on the difficulties and challenges entrepreneurs face and how they can be overcome. By hosting specialists from both the public and private sectors, it also explores the opportunities available in various industry sectors. Since its establishment, the centre has sought to provide a suitable environment for the growth of entrepreneurship by providing a package of procedures and opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop their enterprises; either through initiatives established by the centre or participation in seminars and mutual visits with a number of the centre’s partners from within and outside of the Sultanate.